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CCT’s Conservation Work in Cuba

Since 1996 Caribbean Conservation Trust has facilitated the donation of dozens of pairs of binoculars, scores of field guides, several spotting scopes, cameras, lenses, mist nets, clothing, foot wear, and other field related necessities for many of Cuba’s experienced and budding naturalists.

All of the Cuban ornithologists and biologists and local birding guides that have worked with our programs over the years, as well as many more students and interested adults have benefitted directly from these efforts. Most Cuban birding guides working today are using optics and other resources presented to them by CCT.  In many cases, their first essential resources and first practical opportunities were facilitated by our staff and our programs.

CCT Community Conservation Initiatives

We continue to develop and support community conservation education programs for mostly rural communities that are in proximity to IBAs – Important Bird Areas, as well as national parks, biosphere reserves, and other protected areas.  Local biologists we have worked with for many years are responsible for the management of donated resources for use in local endemic bird festivals, and classroom experiences that focus on bird identification and conservation.

Confronting Conservation Threats in Cuba

A primary conservation goal for us in Cuba is to change perspective on the value of wild birds and healthy habitat, with a specific objective of confronting the caged bird trade, which has recently increased in part to an easing of travel between Cuba and other countries, including the United States.

CCT Executive Director Gary Markowski has facilitated the establishment of a working group comprised of more than 2 dozen Cuban Government biologists and administrators.  This group is currently developing strategies that can be implemented in some cases by our birding groups that will help confront this very serious issue.  Many of our partner organizations as well as our staff and birders have made contributions to support these noble efforts. We will continue to engage our Cuban colleagues as we introduce U.S. birders and birding institutions to Cuba in late 2017 and 2018.

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