Greetings to our family of past trip participants and hopeful future travelers.  We wish you the best during this trying moment in human history, and truly hope that you and your families are remaining safe and hopeful for a better tomorrow, which will indeed come. 
Thanks for checking in during this difficult time.
 My official decree for the time being is  “We aren’t going anywhere”.  This means that after 24 years of providing high quality birding and ecologically and culturally oriented adventures in Cuba, we are on very solid ground in terms of surviving during these unfortunate and uncertain times. Thankfully, our staff is collectively in good health. Our concern right now is with our colleagues and friends in Cuba who depend substantially on tourism and contact with visitors for their financial well being.  
It also means that in the interim, all previously scheduled trips for the next 6 months (until at least December, 2020) are suspended. Our birding season typically runs between November and May, with our herpetology / general natural history trips occurring between June and early October.
We will commence our trips to Cuba and other countries again once it is safe and prudent to do so, but not before. We will be releasing a trip schedule for next season later in May. This will be considered tentative but hopeful as we navigate this ever-changing landscape and inch our way towards a new normal with regard to travel and adventure.
In the meantime, thank you for your interest, support and patience.
Take care, stay safe and keep smiling,