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An exclusive U.S.-led, U.S.-managed birding program in Cuba’s Western Mountains, Zapata Peninsula, Northern Archipelago, Escambray Valley, and Havana presented by BirdWatching magazine in partnership with the Caribbean Conservation Trust, December 10-19/20, 2016.

For the second time, BirdWatching magazine, in collaboration with the Caribbean Conservation Trust(CCT), is promoting an exclusive, U.S.-led and U.S.-managed birding program to Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest and most ecologically diverse island nation. (Our first trip was a huge success. Read the trip list.)

The program is coordinated under U.S. government authorization by Connecticut-based CCT. In early 2016, CCT staff began their 20th year of managing bird-conservation and natural-history programs in Cuba. Along with BirdWatching Editor Chuck Hagner, our team will include acclaimed Cuban scientist Dr. Luis Diaz, curator of the National Museum of Natural History in Havana, a bilingual Cuban tour leader, and local naturalists in three different birding regions.

The Caribbean Conservation Trust designed this itinerary to take you to Cuba’s finest bird habitats, most beautiful national parks, diverse biosphere reserves, and unique natural areas. We will interact with local scientists and naturalists who work in research and conservation. In addition to birding, we will learn about the ecology and history of the regions we visit. Finally, and especially given the ongoing changes in U.S.-Cuba relations, we can expect some degree of inquiry into fascinating aspects of Cuban culture, history, and daily living during our visit.