Nature & Culture of Cuba | February 2023

Cuban Emerald

Trip Details

Nature & Culture of Cuba with Gary Markowski and Nils Navarro

February 4 – 11/12, 2023
Trip has a 1 day extension option in Havana
The Caribbean Conservation Trust (CCT), is offering exclusive U.S. managed birding and natural history excursions in Cuba. The programs are coordinated under U.S. Government authorization through Connecticut- based CCT, which is proud of its 26 year history managing bird conservation natural history programs in Cuba. In addition to CCT Founder and Executive Director Gary Markowski, our team will include esteemed Cuban biologist Dr. Giraldo Alayon and local naturalists who are experts in their respective geographic regions of Cuba. They will guide you through some of the best natural habitats in Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest and most
ecologically diverse island nation.

The Nature of Cuba

While there will be daily opportunities for birding on this trip, our focus expands to include a range of Cuban fauna and flora, and the ecology and history of regions we visit. At different intervals throughout the program we will hear from Cuban experts about the natural relationship of Cuban species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, as well as arachnids (spiders) and insects and other invertebrates such as mollusks and butterflies. We will enjoy opportunities to swim and snorkel as well, and encounter some of Cuba’s interesting marine life in a safe, natural habitat.

We will also indulge in informal discussions that expose the main problems of conservation in the Cuban Archipelago. Throughout the program our Cuban guide will answer your questions and offer explanations that reflect Cuban history, politics, as well as topics related to daily living in Cuba. These discussions may include information about the Cuban education and health care systems, housing, transportation, education, employment, and other topics that will help enhance a better understanding of how ordinary Cubans go about their daily lives.

The 2023 – 2024 Season