WINGS Birding Tours | March 2023

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WINGS Birding Tours Cuba Bird Survey with Jon Dunn and Dr. Luis Diaz

March 23 – 31, 2023

Cuba is the largest of the Greater Antilles and its 42,000 square miles has nurtured 28 endemic birds, only one of which, the Cuban Macaw (since 1864), is definitely extinct although the Zapata Rail hasn’t been confirmed for many decades. We should see over 20 and possibly as many as 25. Three other endemic subspecies (Greater Antillean Nightjar, Cuban Bullfinch and Eastern Meadowlark) likely merit full species status. Nearly 25 other species are endemic to the Caribbean region, mostly from the Greater Antilles or the Bahamas, and we’ll see nearly all of them, many representing endemic Cuban subspecies. The summer breeders, including the endemic breeding Cuban Martin, will have arrived by late March along with Gray Kingbird and Black-whiskered Vireo, and many North American birds, notably warblers, will still be here on their winter grounds.

*** This tour is organized by our partner, Caribbean Conservation Trust, Inc. (CCT), a U.S. based organization committed to the conservation of endemic and migratory birds and their habitats in the greater Caribbean region. The U.S. Department of Treasury has provided a license for conducting bird conservation work in Cuba to CCT and it is through this program our tour will be permitted. Your participation in this program will involve a bird and habitat survey each day. Data is compiled by the group and submitted by the trip leader to CCT staff.

Questions? Tour Manager: Stephanie Schaefer. Call 1-866-547-9868 (US or Canada) or (01) 520-320-9868 or click here to email.

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